Monday, May 23, 2011

hourglass visionaire duo in prism review, photos, swatches

I'm a big Temptalia fan. No secret. And every time I see an A rating or higher it's infinity excitement! So ever since she posted about the Hourglass duos, I've made a mental note to check them out and the City Cross Mecca Cosmetica finally got their Hourglass section built up n____n Huzzah!

But... neutrals. Soft colours seemed to take up the majority of the line, which I was mucho sad about... Until the dark, sparkly side of Prism caught my eye.

Love at first sight and swatch! . Both sides glide on buttery smooth, blending and wearing effortlessly even without a primer. Also, the packaging is pretty damn cool and swively and I have to admit I used the brush when on the go/doing my makeup at the bus stop.

Honestly, though lovely, I couldn't give two flips about the misty blue side of the duo (I have an inkling that Benefit Like What You Sea? might be a good dupe though). That hot, super pigmented, silky black with the silver sparkle is WHERE ITS AT! I use it every day to set my eyeliner. If you can drop the $55 AUD (I think that's how much it was... from memory//ETS: its AUD$58, thanks blushfully!) for some eyeshadow, this is it. You won't regret it. Your wallet might be hurting. But you and your makeup brushes won't be.

 No base, dry fingers, one swipe.

Worth the $58? Yes, no or maybe so?
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